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Pranayama Intermediate Level — 6 Weeks Course


Pranayama Mittelstufe


In the «Pranayama Intermediate Level» we practice Breathing Techniques for more energy, joy of life, mental strength and spiritual opening. Breathing Exercises and «Pranayama Programs» with strong effects. This is the First Course Video of the 6-week «Pranayama Intermediate Course». In this six-week course you will learn many «Pranayama Variations» and practice programs that only few people know about. Sukadev Bretz, founder of Yoga Vidya, shares his rich knowledge of the most subtle aspects of «Pranayama».

The «Pranayama Intermediate Level» lasts six weeks. For each week there are:



You should be familiar with Abdominal Breathing, Alternating Breathing, and Kapalabhati before practicing with this video. A Breathing Course for Beginners you can find here.

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Pranayama Intermediate Level
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