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Meditation Beginners Course — Bhuta Shuddi

Purification from the Elements






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Introductory Lecture

This video briefly describes the cleansing of the body through the five elements water, earth, fire, air and space / Akasha.



Chakra Cleansing Meditation Bhuta Shuddi








According to Hinduism there are 7 chakras. The better these work, the deeper one can meditate. And so that they work better, there is the cleaning of these chakras here on this video.



Chakra Shuddhi Guided Meditation





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To practice «Chakra Shuddi», purification of the Chakras, it is important that you are familiar with the names and locations of the 7 Chakras and also an eighth point, located at the top of the head called «Bindu». Each name of the Chakra has a mantric quality, which means that merely repeating the name and focusing awareness at the area of the Chakra has an uplifting and awakening effect.

There are following Chapters: