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Introduction Chakra Meditation

Here we go. The whole thing here starts with the well-known chakras. However, the meditation for lazy people also begins here, where you can lie down in bed. If you fall asleep, it's not a problem, your subconscious will pick up the instructions, the binaural music or the solfeggio frequencies even while you sleep. If you want to avoid falling asleep, it is better to meditate while sitting as usual. As soon as you have worked through the basic 7 chakras, although you can take your time (years), you move on to the higher chakras. So far these have all been three dimensional chakras, now we come to the chakras of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh dimensions and beyond. At a certain point there are no longer any meditation instructions, but binaural frequencies (music) are available to me up to the 38th chakra.

Speaking of falling asleep. A focus here is on out-of-body experiences (OBE). These out-of-body experiences are not dangerous, just natural, and you can return to your body at any time. In terms of sensation, these can easily be compared with dream yoga; you almost can't tell whether you're having a lucid dream or having an out-of-body experience.

Here you will find frequencies that are set to a slightly harder tone. For me personally these work better. But there are also many soft sounds that are more suitable for other people. Here are a few links in advance so you can get an overview:



Here are a few more mantras that you can listen to all night long or repeat during the day when you are not driving or doing anything else that requires your full concentration:


108 names of Kali Kompa Version


Govinda Radha Hare Krishna


Brahmananda Swaroopa Chant by Sadhguru