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The scheme of Abhidharma-kosha23 is followed. Four srid pa are set forth: (a) previous, (b) death, (c) intermediate state24 and (d) birth. Here death is equated with voidness / Dharmakaya25 / paramarthar-satya, the intermediate state with compassion / Sambhogakaya26 / samvriti-satya, the birth with the union of voidness and bliss / Nirmanakaya / affected state of mind and finally there is the previous one in this section State with religious power27 (Sanskrit tapas), to overcome obstacles to altruistic activity.

Stop this dumbing and confusion !!!


What I want to provide here is a book that simply and understandably represents the approach to Dzogchen meditation. This is going to be very difficult because, especially with regard to Dzogchen teachings, there is still no reasonable text, neither in English nor in German, probably not in Tibetan.


The emphasis in this book emphasizes once again the preparatory exercises, here the preparatory exercises of the Bön and not of Buddhism. These are the same Preparatory Exercises as are initially done by anyone who is interested in going the path of Bön. Therefore, this book is also an excellent template if you just want to do the preparatory exercises of the Bön.


After that, I will use a few more texts, especially on Dzogchen explanations. However, anyone expecting any sources of Tibetan texts or anything else in this book will be seriously disappointed because there will be none. However, towards the end of the book, I will give a few bibliographic references that list sources that were also used for this book.


Karl-Heinz Göhner
Göttingen, October 2016