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Often it is common in teachings that one assumes that the viewer knows the basics and knows approximately what the whole thing is about. By and large, that's right, everyone knows what refuge is and how it works. Or?


This «or?» here is my approach. Here are four videos, ranging from the «Taking of Refuge» to «Meditation Without an Object». Everything is very simple, certainly everyone knows or has definitely heard of it. Hmm?


Anyway, these four videos are aligned so that you quickly lead to the Dzogchen teachings. The first two videos shows you the way in this direction. Now your knowledge begins: «Everywhere is written or said that you first make the basic exercises and if possible, this again for the Dzogchen repeats»." If you have the time and really want to do it, that's good. In this regard, the third video leads away from the Dzogchen and focuses on the mantra recitation or the entry into the tantra. Tantra is good and meaningful, it guides you really fast and well on the path to enlightenment. But the highest teachings the Buddha gave were the Dzogchen, the Great Perfection. So then leads the fourth video in this direction.


These four teachings are designed to give you an idea of ​​what dzogchen means. How fast you can get on the way is up to you and your maturity. The art here is to practice a lot without effort, and for a long time you should not practice more than twice 20 minutes a day, otherwise you might fall away from meditation, because too long times will not be enjoyable if you are not ready for it are.


Take refuge
Guru Yoga
Mantra recitation with object
Mantra recitation without object


This is the end of the series, if you have suggestions, what you might like to learn or critics, please send me an email.